How to Install Recessed Light Bulb with Easy Steps

LED recessed lighting is very popular in homes and businesses. In the past, we used incandescent bulbs or fluorescent bulbs in recessed housing. Now LED bulbs are more and more popular. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs save over 80% energy. Their lifespan is ten times longer than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs are the best choice for most people.

How to Change Traditional Recessed Lighting to LED?

  1. If it’s a new house, we recommend buying LED recessed lights with a driver.
  2. If it’s an old house, the most cost effective solution is an LED recessed light kit with an E26 base. It can be installed into the existing recessed housing, which is a direct replacement for incandescent bulbs or fluorescent bulbs in the light fixture.

How to Install LED Recessed Lighting in an Existing Light Fixture – Direct Replacement

Time Needed : 0 days 0 hours 5 minutes

For security reasons, please make sure the POWER IS TURNED OFF at the source to the existing fixture before installing the recessed lighting. Then remove the old bulb from the existing light socket. After that, check if the light bulb is intact, if so, you can install it using the guide below.

  1. Thread the Socket Adapter

    To start with, please thread the socket adapter into the socket.

  2. Connect the Bulb Socket Adapter

    Plug the female connector of the retrofit trim onto the male connector of the socket adapter assembly.

  3. Insert the Spring Arms

    Squeeze both torsion spring arms together and insert into the torsion spring slots (or c-clips) of the can.

  4. Place the Bulb

    Tuck all wires into the can and carefully push the retrofit trim into can.
    Using the four simple steps, above, you have successfully installed a recessed LED bulb into an existing light fixture. Then turn on the power and check the light, to make sure you get what you want.

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